<![CDATA[taryntino - Blog]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 13:22:18 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Nip, snip, tuck (your wardrobe)]]>Wed, 30 Apr 2014 08:40:23 GMThttp://taryntino.weebly.com/blog/nip-snip-tuck-your-wardrobeShopping...... I must admit it is addictive! I have been caught out many of times somewhere between tired, and desperate, trying to find that last minute outfit (that I have no idea what it is but I’ll know when I see it!) This has proved dangerous for me, especially going online, Ebay being the culprit.  Before I know it I have 8 parcels arriving in the next fortnight and no real ‘need’ for any of the items, just my ‘want’.

 But quite often I am also searching through a local Op Shop at second hand dresses, using my creativity to bring them back to life, or on Gumtree for bulk Vintage lots for my clothing. Where I sometimes go wrong is not the price tag, but buying too many items, just because it is cheap! What I am left with is 2 bedrooms overflowing with clothes, my room back at my parents abode housing my vintage collection and a boyfriend who lives out the clean washing pile as its the only space he can find. It is a little chaotic sometimes, and trying to remember where i placed a particular item can get frustrating, but that’s how I like it! It is so liberating having so many versatile and inconsistent options! Options, that you aren't afraid to chop and change to create a new look.

 When I am scrolling through social media, or one of the latest Celebrity trash magazines and see a current trend with a ‘what a steal ‘ price tag of $850, I just frown. $850 may be a ‘budget’ price tag to the majority of Vogue readers, but to me that is my whole weeks paycheck! I am inspired by the runway designers who offer a unique and quirky visual on a monthly basis. I would squeal at the chance to own a piece of high end couture that is quickly seen on a celebrity. In saying that, I am a realist when i say, if I were in a designer label, especially galloping the streets of Adelaide, not many people would spot the difference between my expensive label and a sale rack steal on the other me walking by.

The amazing Maticevski skirt, with the price tag of $1100, clearly out of my budget *sigh*

 I know where all my friends work, and roughly how much they earn. They also, like most of us, have financial priorities.  If one of my friends rocked up with a $4200 Hermes handbag to lunch, I would assume they either found it in the back of a taxi or it’s a knockoff from their latest Bali trip (guilty). My point being, I am not from a circle of friends in the celebrity spotlight. I am from a circle of friends in Adelaide, where we are the ones idolising the celebrities in the spotlight for their fashion, style and trend. We don't have triple figure salaries, and certainly all have a mountain of bills to pay. You will find us at department stores and heavily advertised online sites. There is no need for us to wear this seasons high end label to our next lunch date (as much as we'd like to), this is not who or where we are right now.  When i see my friends, they look trendy because they are confident in how they dress. It doesn’t  matter if it is last season, second hand, their sisters loaned outfit or from Kmart, as long as they are confident, happy and own the outfit, then its a 'celebrity' to me.

What i enjoy is to draw inspiration from the runway trends I can’t afford right now, visualising all the clothing in my wardrobe at home that could replicate this...... then add a twist of Taryn. You would be surprised how many more wears you could get out of your old clothes and how many styles they could  potentially become. Sometimes, there is no need to rush out and buy a new outfit for the next party or wedding invitation you have received. I have drawn more attention on the days I’ve worn a $4- vintage dress (that I cut the long sleeves off and hitched up a few inches) mixed with a $20- blazer purchased, compared to the 'rushed day before' buy of a $60 designer knock off from Bardot (just to try and fit in with the other 90% of girls out there).  It is not about how much you spend on the outfit, again its about how you uniquely accessorise and wear it! How can you 'reinvent' that dress in your closet? Team it up with a cute cropped jacket? Add a sparkly statement necklace or sew on some vintage buttons down the front? Cut its neckline out to create a plunged sexy piece?  

There is so much more life in your clothes than you realise! So before you throw out all those clothes you think you think are out dated or last season, just take a moment to observe the shapes, style and prints of the fabric. Is there a glossy magazine you can flick through for inspiration? or perezhilton.com? With a few spare hours of your time, and a little courage to pull it off, you could turn the unwanted item into a trending outfit that may mistake you for a celebrity icon!

My $3- Op Shop skirt, $5 blouse. Feeling pretty cool in my $8 outfit!

Over the coming months, I will be putting up some posts, hoping I can inspire you enough to get your scissors and sewing kit out, and hack away at those threads! You don't need the celebrity income or designer connections, just some inspiration and some spare time.


<![CDATA[lady in red]]>Sat, 26 Apr 2014 09:28:51 GMThttp://taryntino.weebly.com/blog/lady-in-red  A crazy little thing called lipstick

I have a little thing for lipstick. Especially the colour red. When ever I wear Red on my lips, regardless of how shocking my hair looks or how tired my eyes seem, I almost always attract a compliment or two over my red lips. Wearing red Lipstick, to me, is the cherry on top! It just adds that touch of glam to my day and just a sense of feminine beauty. When I wear red lipstick, I feel famous.

It is said that Ancient Mesopotamian women used to crush gemstones 5000 years ago and stick them to their lips. Whether this was of spiritual ritual or purely a glamorous streak coming out, I am sure the Mesopotamian still felt beautiful.

Though it’s ancient heritage, lipstick hasn’t always been such a welcoming smile. In 1770 a British law was proposed that a marriage should be annulled if the woman wore cosmetics before her wedding day (that’d make me single for life), and  throughout  19th century the obvious use of lipstick was associated with marginalized groups such as actors and prostitutes (Call me a whore!).  I think you could agree that most women (and some men) love a good Lippy regardless of the times!

When it comes to clothing, accessories and makeup, I love a good bargain!!  -And believe me when I tell you, I will source out the cheapest option available, being oh so careful not to cross the line from trendy into tacky. In saying that, when it comes to my extensive experience with Lipstick, the cheapest option has not always resulted in a great set of lips. From the result of some cheapies,  I have had red smears on teeth and clothes, breakouts, cracked and swollen lips, not to mention countless lids falling off in my handbag to only find it looking like the scene of a horror film.

My pick

Over the years I have used many colour's, variations and finishes of red lipstick. From $2 knock offs to $52 cosmetic counter lines. I have a bathroom cabinet with almost 40 lipsticks. But with all that choice, I would say my absolute favourite go to brand is the LimeCrime Velvetines range. A friend from work recommended LimeCrime cosmetics for their quality finish and bright colour's, and I have not turned back since! 

The Velvetines range come in a choice of 6 colour's (with more to come), but my two favourites are suedeberry and red velvet (for their obvious red tones!) They glide on smooth, dry Matte and are just popping with rich colours! A smear of gloss over the top can turn the matte sheek look into a nigh time glamorous party shine. Without a doubt, I can guarantee you could eat a bowl of pasta washed down with  2 glasses of wine, and will still have all your lips intact! LimeCrime is my pick for a bold red lip, and priced at $26 each, are well worth the money. I have worn mine nearly everyday for 3 months and only recently have I needed a replacement.  and vegan friendly! Available on Ebay.com.au or http://www.lipstickrepublic.com.au/collections/lime-crime

Red lipstick screams statement, and with this, there are many so called ‘rules’ when it comes to the application of red lippy. Here is my opinion of these rules.

  • Match your lipstick to your nail varnish .......Do what you want! Who wants to be matching head to toe like something out of ‘toddlers and tiaras’
  • Don’t wear eyeliner or dark eye colour's with red lipstick....... Again, this is not the case anymore. I wear liquid eyeliner everyday! If you choose to wear bold eyes and lips, just embrace it. It is not about the clashing, it is about how you wear it and your confidence!
  • Red lipstick is not to be worn with pink clothing........... I am not one to wear a lot of pink, but the few items of pink I own, I have embraced the red lip along with it! As long as you feel confident, then its a winner! (and you will stand out from everyone else)
  • Choose lighter shades of red if you are older .........Plenty of time to have old, wrinkly brown lips in the grave... until then, embrace a bright ‘youthful’ red! When society see’s you rocking a confident bright smile, putting the teens to same, they are sure to follow suit!  
At the end of the day, why should you have to  steps when it comes to lipstick? You spend your day at work, college and home following rules that someone else has stipulated, so it is about time to follow your own rules when it comes to lipstick!  This will ensure individualism and your own personality.... Not someone else’s.

Gwen Stefani, smokin' in red lippy
 So pucker up, and start experimenting with some crazy, bright colour next time you leave the house!